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Watermelon and Mint Limeade

Watermelons are a great summer fruit. They are sweet, juicy and are known to cool you down on a hot summer day or night. I remember running around as a child in our garden and when I was finished playing, there was this big plate of watermelon slices that my grandma had waiting for me. I remember biting into the big juicy slices, having the heavenly sweet pink colored juice running down my arms. Now that I am older, I still love watermelon and the heavenly sweet juice. Experimenting with the juice in so many different ways has been fun. This is a drink that my family just loves.
Photography by Robert Demetrius

3½ cups watermelon juice (3 pounds watermelon)
3 ounces lime juice
mint leaves

Peel watermelon, cutting it into cubes and push through a juicer. Strain again, so that you have no pulp. If you don’t have a juicer, put the cubes in a blender with the lime juice and liquefy for a few minutes, ensuring no lumps are visible and that the watermelon has been completely broken down. Strain through a sieve.

In a large jug, mix watermelon juice, lime juice and minty mint syrup and a few mint leaves, just for effect. Add ice and serve. VoilĂ ! It’s truly a refreshing drink. The subtle taste of the watermelon is brought out even more once the lime juice is added. You can even add some melon balls or small melon cubes to the glass, for decoration. If you are making this drink ahead of time, remember to stir before serving.

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