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Spicy Basil Oil

This is an oil that we like to use pretty often. Make preferably in small batches.
Basil adds an aromatic sweet yet savory taste and then the red pepper flakes adds a nice kick to the oil. 

It can be drizzled on garlic bread, pizzas, soup, grilled meats or used in salad dressings, on sandwiches, mixed in mayonnaise…the options are limitless. 
Photography by Robert Demetrius


Red Wine Vinaigrette

As you all know, we love eating salads in our household. Twice daily preferably. I guess old habits die hard. A tart, yet mustardy vinaigrette is my favorite. It also happens that I get very complacent when doing my dressings and will use the same vinegars over and over. It’s quite amazing that when you change the vinegar, you get a totally different flavor, even when using the regular ingredients.
Photography by Robert Demetrius

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