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How to Toast Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are a small buttery type of nut. Toasting them just brings out more of that nutty buttery flavor and gives them a nice golden brown color.
Photography by Heaven on Hearth
Toasting pine nuts is quite easy and really doesn’t take much time. All you need are the pine nuts and a non-stick skillet. Toss the pine nuts in the dry non-stick skillet over medium low heat. Just make sure that they are in one layer in the pan. Shake the skillet every now and then to ensure that they don’t burn. Once you smell that buttery nutty scent and they are nicely golden brown, they are done. Transfer them to a plate once done and leave to cool.

I used 1/3 cup of pine nuts and toasted them for 4 minutes.

Toasted pine nuts are so versatile. They are great in soups, salads, pasta sauces and pesto. VoilĂ . This is also used in my Basil Pesto.

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