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Minted Blood Orange Pomegranate Punch

Hubby doesn’t drink any alcohol so I try to make drinks or cocktails when we have invited friends over, that he can enjoy without feeling left out! I start out with a non-alcoholic base, and then add alcohol. So at times it means getting really creative.
Photography by Heaven on Hearth

A friend who had recently used pomegranate syrup in a recipe inspired me to incorporate pomegranate in the drink.

I was walking down the juice aisle in the supermarket and found the last 2 bottles of blood orange juice on the shelf and decided to try out a drink that actually turned out to be the hit.

A few bottles of minty mint flavored simple syrup were in the fridge, so I thought that it would be a nice to add a bit of fresh, tingly sweetness to the drink.

You need:
4 cups blood orange juice
1½ cups pomegranate juice
mint leaves for garnish
orange slices for garnish (optional)
vodka (optional) or light rum (optional)

Pour juices and syrup in a jug and stir. Serve with lots of ice and mint leaves.
Minted Blood Orange Pomegranate Punch
For those that don’t mind a kick, add about 1- 1½ ounces of vodka or light rum to each drink, or modify the amount of alcohol to your taste.

This serves 8 in a long glass. Voilà. 

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